Žiga Oman

Asst Prof Žiga OMAN (1978), Research Associate

Main Research Topics

Dispute settlement in Austrian and Slovene historical lands in 1400–1800; the Reformation in Lower Styria; social history of the early modern Lower Styrian countryside and urban settlements.


  • 2018 PhD, Faculty of Arts (FF), University of Maribor (UM), Slovenia
  • 2011 MPhil, FF UM
  • 2007 University Diploma, FF UM

Previous Positions

  • 2016–18 Faculty of Arts, University of Maribor; junior researcher
  • 2014–16 Institute of Nova Revija for Humanities, Slovenia; junior researcher
  • 2012–13 Regional Archives Maribor, Slovenia; archivist

Academic Rank and Teaching Activities

  • 2020– Assistant Professor, Department of History, FF UM
  • 2014–20 Assistant, Department of History, FF UM

Slovene and European (early) modern history at BA and MA levels, palaeography at MA level.

 Research Projects

  • 2021–23 head of the postdoctoral project Z6-3223 (B) Plebeian Dispute Settlement in Baroque Inner Austria: Between Feud and Criminal Law, funded by the Slovenian Research Agency (ARRS)
  • 2018–21 team member of J6-9354 (A) Cultural Memory of Slovene Nation and State Building, co-funded by ARRS
  • 2018–21 team member of Prehistoric Hill Forts and Ethnobotany for Sustainable Tourism and Countryside Development, INTERREG Slovenia-Croatia

Research Programmes

  • 2016–18 member of P6-0138 (A) The past of North Eastern Slovenia and neighbouring regions of Austria, Hungary and Croatia, co-funded by ARRS
  • 2014–16 member of P6-0341 (C) Humanities and the Sense of Humanity from Historical and Contemporary Viewpoints, co-funded by ARRS

Grants, Fellowships and Awards

  • 2014 Glazer’s Award for Achievements in the Field of Culture, awarded by the Municipality of the City of Maribor, Slovenia, for the collaboration on the science monograph Maribor: mesto, hiše, ljudje [Maribor: City, Houses, People]
  • 2008 four-month stipend of the Stipendienstiftung der Republik Österreich, Austria, for the MPhil degree research in Graz, Austria


  • 2021– editor, Acta Histriae
  • 2020– editorial board member, Acta Histriae


  • 2 science monographs (one in print, one as co-author)
  • 8 chapters in science monograph (one as co-author; one in English, one in German)
  • 16 science papers (2 as co-author; 5 in English)
  • 2 publications of archival sources
  • 6 invited international conference proceedings (Austria, Croatia, Italy, Slovenia), etc.

Complete bibliography at https://cris.cobiss.net/ecris/si/en/researcher/40193