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you are invited to attend the lecture of Prof Darko Darovec on medieval Koper statutes. The lecture will take place on Wednesday, 22 February 2023 at 6:00 p.m. in the main hall of the Koper Regional Museum and online (via Microsoft Teams). The lecture is part of the exhibition Koper Capodistria 1500, period 932–1380.

The lecture will outline the fundamental features of the creation of medieval urban statutory rules in the Upper Adriatic, with a special focus on the Koper statutes. An important innovation is the (re)discovery of the Koper statute, which is said to be from 1380 and is kept in the State Archives of Venice, as well as archival material of the Koper commune that was taken to Italy during the Second World War. The concluding part of the lecture will compare the Koper statutes kept in Venice with those from 1423, kept in the State Archives in Rijeka.

Link to the lecture:

Note: The video conference will take place via the free Microsoft Teams application.

We advise you to download it beforehand.

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You can see some highlights from the lecture by clicking on the photos below:


The lecture is also available on the YouTube channel of the Koper Regional Museum:đ


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