You are invited to the lecture at the publication of the monograph by

Assist Prof Žiga Oman

with the title


Sovražnosti in pomiritve na Kranjskem in Štajerskem

(Vengeance in the Early Modern Slovene Lands.

Enmities and Peacemaking in Carniola and Styria)

The monograph is the first study of vengeance or feud as a customary legal practice of dispute settlement that addresses the central Slovene lands.

Focused on Carniola and Styria in the early modern period, the book provides a lot of new information and dispels some myths about one of the least understood phenomena of traditional societies.


The lecture will take place

on Wednesday, 15 March 2023, at 6 PM,

at the Archivum exhibition centre of the Regional Archives Maribor , Glavni trg 7, Maribor.



You are kindly invited to attend!

President of the Dr Franc Kovačič Historical Society in Maribor

Prof Darko Friš

You can see some highlights from the lecture by clicking on the photos below:


Vabilo 03-2023 Oman
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