The contemporary world calls for new and genuine broad theoretical bases and specifically targeted strategies for resolutions of conflicts emerging at the level of human attitude towards the society (culture, ethics, and politics) on the one hand and towards environment on the other. Considering the situation, the Institute IRRIS is dedicated to studying historical, anthropological, philosophical, sociological, politological, linguistical, legal, geographical and other broader social aspects that will enable us to detect crucial or pragmatic points or developmental shifts that have throughout history endowed the resolutions of frictions and conflicts between social actors that enabled the growth of all kinds of civilisation environments. In order to reach this goal in contemporary society, such interdisciplinary comparative research of social dynamics includes studies of the complexity of the cultural heritage as the key component in the attitude of human towards the environment.

Invitation to the lecture at the publication of the monograph by Assist Prof Žiga Oman

  You are invited to the lecture at the publication of the monograph by Assist Prof Žiga Oman with the title MAŠČEVANJE NA SLOVENSKEM V ZGODNJEM NOVEM VEKU Sovražnosti in pomiritve na Kranjskem in Štajerskem
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Dear colleagues, On the 80th anniversary of the historian Dr Salvator Žitko and the 30th anniversary of the ACTA HISTRAE scientific journal, a press conference and presentation of the Annales Publishing House publications will be
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Koper medieval statutes – lecture by prof. dr. Darko Darovec, February 22

Dear colleagues, you are invited to attend the lecture of Prof Darko Darovec on medieval Koper statutes. The lecture will take place on Wednesday, 22 February 2023 at 6:00 p.m. in the main hall of
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Salvator Žitko: Pričevanja o slovenskem zgodovinopisju Istre

To mark the 80th jubilee of the President of the Historical Society of Southern Primorska, Dr Salvator Žitko, his book Pričevanja o slovenskem zgodovinopisju Istre has been published. You can read it at the following link: Pričevanja o
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