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Central European – 3CI

Central European – 3CI press release

Cooperate to grow within the Central Europe

Shared innovative solutions aimed at stimulate Cultural Tourism and economic relapses

To establish a permanent Centre for Cultural and Creative Industries devoted to channeling sustainable international tourist flows towards Slovenia, northern Italy and Croatia: this is the aim of the project proposal “3CI” submitted last 23rd June to the managing authority of Interreg Programme CENTRAL EUROPE by Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, in cooperation with IRRIS and supported by other six institutional partners (the University and Municipality of Maribor, the Italian municipalities of Vicenza and Tignale (Garda lake), the Croatian development agency IRMO and the Association DBHZ linked with the old Town of Ozalj).

Stories and legends, castles and routes, local heroes and historical figures: they are the precious “raw material” asking to be rediscovered and valued through innovative technological solutions, in close cooperation between neighboring countries.

Apart from offering education and pilot actions, the Centre should represent a place for linking decision-makers, knowledge resources, businessmen, craftsmen, tour operators, etc. The archival and castle cultural heritage, that we seek to promote as the heart of this project, originates from the cultural and trading impact of the Venetian republic and the Slavic world in 13th -17th centuries. The thread between this neglected cultural heritage and tourism development will be connected with 6 great stories, which reflect crucial events in the historical relations among local inhabitants and authorities, their lifestyle and human relationships.

3CI main objective is to improve capacities of the local stakeholders: in this direction, other 10 public bodies have been involved as Associated Partners, among which the Chamber of Commerce of Trieste and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Primorska (Koper), as well as some museums and archives.

When the project is funded, cultural heritage’s revitalization can count on three equipped poles, envisaged by the action:

– the Centre for cultural and creative industries in Maribor (“Judgement Tower”);

– the “Palladio Virtual Museum” in Vicenza (Basilica Palladiana);

– the two major Halls in Ozalj castle (old Town).

Barbara Celjska, Meister der Chronik des Konzils von Konstanz 001 cropped.

Dvorac Trakoscan Muzej Trakoscan.

Malcesine Lago di Garda.

Ozalj Castle Aerial view.

Judgement Tower Sodni stolp, Maribor.

Vicenza, Basilica Palladiana.

The Battle of Benevento between Guelfs and Ghibellines, 1266.